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At Iroko Exchange, we’ve made buying, selling, and trading carbon credits super easy. Whether you’re a pro or just starting, our platform is designed to be simple and efficient.

We prioritise Greater Transparency, providing you with precise insights into every transaction. With higher certainty, our platform ensures confidence in your carbon credit activities. As we scale the carbon market, Iroko Exchange becomes your reliable partner for fostering sustainable practices.

Our extensible and modular design allows easy customisation, tailoring the carbon credit journey to your needs. Experience a user-friendly interface and comprehensive support, empowering you to make a meaningful impact on the environment effortlessly.

Iroko Exchange: Where Confidence Meets Climate Consciousness.

All the Best Projects in One Spot

Find and buy quality Verra and Gold Standard carbon
credits from around the world and pick the pricing that fits your budget—all in one easy place.

More than Just Carbon

Use our simple tools to choose projects that match your
goals beyond just reducing carbon. Make a broader impact on the environment.

Info Right When You Need It

Have all the details about the carbon, social, and
biodiversity impact of the carbon credits you’re getting.

Quick and Easy Shopping

Offset your carbon footprint in a snap! Buy and retire carbon credits with just one click. It’s fast and simple, making your journey to sustainability easy.

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Guidance & Tips on Carbon Credit Claims

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Overcoming the hurdles of buying carbon credits on your own

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