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Pioneering Carbon Trading with Blockchain Technology

Certify, Register, Buy, Exchange – Greenhouse LLC is reshaping the landscape of carbon credit trading with our pioneering carbon chain technology, Iroko”. This innovative solution utilizes blockchain technology, guaranteeing unparalleled transparency in every transaction.

Welcome to Green House LLC

Unlocking Sustainability, Connecting the world to green solution

At Green House LLC, we specialize in revolutionizing carbon trading for companies globally. Harnessing our state-of-the-art technology: IROKO, Greenhouse LLC is revolutionizing carbon trading. This innovative approach ensures transparent and efficient transactions in the carbon credit trading sector.

Our mission is to empower businesses by providing customized solutions to mitigate their carbon footprint, ensuring credibility and reliability in every aspect of the carbon credit market. Operating on an international scale, we offer a platform where entities can buy and sell carbon credits, contributing to environmental conservation and fostering a sustainable future.

we ensure the credibility and reliability of the carbon credits available on the platform. This is essential as it builds trust among buyers and sellers in the carbon credit market.

Our Mission

Greener future with Iroko Blockchains

Our mission at Greenhouse LLC is to empower businesses, contribute to a greener tomorrow, and achieve Sustainable Goals set by the UN while benefiting from sustainable practices. Guided by the pillars of efficiency, transparency, and accessibility, we are at the forefront of revolutionizing carbon trading on a global scale.

Through our advanced blockchain platform and carbon trading expertise, we aim to provide custom solutions that help businesses effectively mitigate their carbon footprint. By facilitating the buying and selling of carbon credits through exchanges and auctions, we play a vital role in creating a sustainable future.

Operating internationally, our commitment is to uphold the credibility and reliability of carbon credits, building trust among buyers and sellers in the carbon credit market.

Why Choose Us?

Carbon Credits Trading made easier, simpler and more transparent


Our main objective is to significantly and meaningfully improve the environment on a broad scale. We seek personal benefit and a significant, all-encompassing impact on the environment.


Our team comprises experts in both blockchain technology and environmental sustainability studies, offering incredible proficiency in the field.


We’re constantly developing and implementing new, innovative strategies to improve the carbon trading landscape


With blockchain, transparency is at the core of our operations, ensuring trust and accountability in every transaction.

Assisting Businesses in Adopting Workable Climate Mitigation Strategies

Our primary goal is to support companies in adopting workable strategies to reduce their carbon footprints. This is done by using the trustworthy and legitimate carbon credits offered on our platform.

Meet The Executive Team

Sri Sunkara

Managing Director

Sripal Reddy

Director - Technical

Kaali Sudheer

Director - Strategy

Vishal Singh

Director - Global Markets

Prasanna Velagala

Head Of Global Initiatives

Embark on Green Horizons

Discover who we are, our impactful projects, and our commitment to a sustainable future in our welcome video. Let’s grow together toward greener horizons!

Introduction to Green House LLC

Introduction to Green House LLC

by Green House LLC
Biochar Production Explained

Biochar Production Explained

by Green House LLC
Steps Of Producing Biochar Using Cotton Stalk

Steps Of Producing Biochar Using Cotton Stalk

by Green House LLC
Introduction to Green House LLC
Biochar Production Explained
Steps Of Producing Biochar Using Cotton Stalk
Bringing Revolution to Sustainability

Elevate Sustainability with
Greenhouse LLC

Blockchain & Transparency

Iroko's foundation is blockchain, which guarantees trust and transparency in exchanging carbon credits. In other words, once a transaction has been made on the platform, it can't be altered or erased. This also helps to create a permanent and transparent record of all the transactions made by the customers.

Registry Tech

By acting as a digital ledger, the state-of-the-art registry technology creates an unchangeable record of carbon credits. This technology helps maintain the overall integrity of the carbon credit market while securing the transaction.

Iroko Exchange

Iroko Exchange simplifies carbon credit transactions for businesses. The user-friendly platform offers diverse global projects, making it ideal for businesses starting their climate journey or enhancing offsetting strategies. It streamlines the discovery, comparison, purchase, and retirement of carbon credits.

Carbon Credit
Crypto Wallet

World's first cryptocurrency wallet specifically for carbon credits. Different carbon credit exchange platforms are emerging as carbon trending is becoming increasingly popular. However, keeping security and accessibility at the fingertips of the customer provides Iroko competitive advantages.

Evaluation, monitoring and reporting software

Real-time data on the customers' carbon credit portfolio is provided to the customer by the all-inclusive software. Assess the influence, track credits, and easily create reports to help make decisions that will lead the customers to a sustainable future.

Iroko Coin

Iroko Coin is a game-changer with its unique digital currency designed for exchanging carbon credits. The efficiency of the carbon credit market is increased overall, and transactions are made simpler and less expensive with this coin.

Our Projects

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