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From Emissions to SolutionsThe Impact of Carbon Credits

Who We Are

A trusted platform for Global Carbon Exchange

Welcome to Iroko, where we lead the charge in revolutionizing global carbon trading. Operating as a dynamic marketplace, exchange, and auctions house, our commitment extends beyond mere transactions. 

We are the architects of change, utilizing the blockchain technology and a carbon trading expertise to shape a sustainable future. Our foundation is built on the core principles of innovation, transparency, and environmental responsibility.

At Iroko, we specialize in providing trusted carbon credits, ensuring that each transaction contributes to a greener and more sustainable planet.

What We Do

Choose Iroko to demystify your carbon credit decisions

Efficiency, Transparency, and Accessibility

Iroko is transforming global carbon trading. We use our innovative “Carbon Chain” and advanced blockchain tech to make carbon credit trading efficient and transparent. Our goal is to help businesses worldwide reduce their carbon footprint and gain international credibility. Our platform makes transactions easy, connecting buyers and sellers for environmental conservation and a sustainable future.

Our platforms pick projects carefully, providing user-friendly data. Businesses can easily discover, compare, purchase, retire, and report their carbon credits. We get credits from different projects, prioritizing those with co-benefits for communities and biodiversity. These initiatives may help achieve 30% of the required climate change improvements by 2030, as per the Natural Climate Solutions Alliance.

We Believe In


Carbon Credits

Reliable and Certified Carbon Credits for Your Sustainable and Green Journey.

Transparent and Secure Transactions

Trust in our secure and transparent transactions for a worry-free path to environmental responsibility.


Choose sustainability with our commitment to responsible resource use.

Our Vision & Mission

Empowering Sustainability, Shaping Tomorrow

We are on a mission to empower businesses globally in mitigating their carbon footprint, driving environmental impact. Our vision is to shape a future where sustainability is integrated seamlessly into global business practices, creating a healthier and greener planet for generations to come.


Iroko, as a trusted business voice, plays a pivotal role in optimizing carbon markets, contributing to the achievement of a Net Zero status by 2050.


Enable businesses to actively participate in climate action and strive for Net Zero goals, advancing the objectives of the Paris Agreement.

Our Team

The Executive Team

The leadership team guides our strategic direction and implements our vision to create a substantial impact on climate through active participation in the voluntary carbon market.

The Board

Our Board of Directors shares the responsibility of ensuring that our conduct in the market remains consistent with our mission and values.

The International Advisory Council

We receive guidance from a International advisory panel, which offers expertise on current scientific developments, policy dynamics, and market applications. This panel also provides recommendations for project evaluation and shares best-practice insights.

Our Partners

We achieve great heights with our awesome partners. Their expertise and commitment play a vital role in creating positive changes.

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