Carbon Footprint

Reducing Carbon Footprint Understanding the Impact

What is a Carbon Footprint?

A carbon footprint signifies the total greenhouse gases, encompassing carbon dioxide and methane, generated by our activities. These gases include emissions from making things, travelling, using energy, and buying products and services. The aim is to assess our impact on nature and encourage actions that reduce carbon emissions for a greener and more sustainable future.

Global Context: The Need for Reduction

On average, each person worldwide produces about 4 tons of carbon footprint. The rate in the United States is 16 Tonnes, which is far more than expected. By 2050, everyone must strive to emit fewer than 2 Tonnes per person in order to combat climate change. Thus, it’s really important that we all work together and take quick and effective actions to limit these carbon footprints.

Small Steps, Big Impact: Redefining Your Carbon Footprint with IROKO

IROKO takes centre stage, offering a platform for individuals and businesses to offset emissions and actively participate in projects fostering positive environmental and social change.

Choosing IROKO signifies embracing a sustainable future, aligning with a collective commitment to mitigate the impact of human activities on
the planet.

Carbon Footprint Calculation

Carbon footprints differ from reported per capita emissions as they focus on
consumption-related emissions rather than production. Tools like the Greenhouse
Gas Protocol and ISO 14064 are used for calculating organizational carbon footprints.
Individuals can also use online calculators to estimate and compare their carbon footprints.

The Impact of Carbon Footprint Reduction

Key Statistics:

Benefits of Reducing Carbon Footprint:

IROKO's RoleSlashing Carbon Footprints for a Sustainable Future

Commitment to

IROKO is dedicated to environmental integrity and sustainable development. As a leading carbon credits company, we recognise the importance of reducing carbon footprints to combat climate change.


Rigorous Carbon Credit Certification

At IROKO, we ensure the credibility of carbon credits through stringent audit verification and certification processes. We adhere to recognised standards, including Verra and Gold Standard, guaranteeing the highest level of transparency and accountability.

Empowering Sustainable Development

Our projects extend beyond emissions reduction; they contribute to reforestation, support renewable energy initiatives, and promote sustainable agriculture. IROKO actively shapes and improves carbon credit standards for a more sustainable future.

Easy Steps to Carbon Neutrality

Businesses and individuals partnering with IROKO can take tangible steps to reduce
their carbon footprints. Our user-friendly platform facilitates carbon credits’
purchase, sale, and trade, allowing for effective carbon neutrality strategies.